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is a research driven and conceptual designer operating at the physical and abstract borderlines of object design, narration and space. Past and present fields of operation are hospital design, the mobility sector and the exploration of how synthetic biology might change our body identity and wearable products. He is currently working as a researcher and product designer at Institut für Industriebau und Konstruktives Entwerfen at Technical University Braunschweig while parallely realizing independent projects. His research considers the various stakeholders of a context to create inclusive visions moving between the mass produced and the individual and between the inorganic and the living. Lukas`creations develope futures asking challenging questions. His graduation project explored the possibilities of a grown and living phone cohabitating as extra organ on our body and its ethical implications.

During his sparetime he is in search of a sunny spot to relax his muscles and to work on a cartoon born on a Cordillera mountain top.

What I offer:
Ideation Workshops for Institutions and Companies
Comissioned Research & Vision Design

Previous Collaborators:
Wissner Bosserhoff
TU Braunschweig
Bode Chemie

Always looking forward to new cooperations:

Press Kits On Request

> Colours of Porcelain, Fürstenberg

> Imagining Superorganisms - Augmenting the Human Body, Debate at Baltan Laboratories, Eindhoven
> #G19 - Graduation Show at Campina Factory, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

> Infection Control, Radboud UMC, Nijmegen
> H0 Institute, Research Festival Otherwise, Zurich

︎SFS PORTAL, Dutch Design Week
︎Unmaking School, Istanbul Biennial
︎OPEN by Stigmergy Family Studio, Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven

︎Die letzten ihrer Art, HBK Braunschweig
︎Art Effects by Artefacts at New Experimental Reasearch in Design Conference, BIRD (Board of International Research in Design), Braunschweig University of Arts, Germany

︎Lehrstuhlparade, imm Cologne
︎Art in a Cube, Bucharest

︎Desireland - Bait Hive Initiative, The Hedron Collider, Dublin

︎Sardignes on a Tram, Lisbon

Healthcare Product and Research Designer, Institut für Industriebau und Konstruktives Entwerfen, TU Braunschweig

2016 - 2017
Research Assistant - Autonomous Farming Vehicles, IMN, TU Braunschweig

Product Developer & Designer, Schneid Lighting & Furniture, Lübeck

2014 - 2015
Interior Design Internship, Volkswagen Design Center, Wolfsburg

2013 - 2014
Research Assistant - Future Autonomous Seating Volkswagen, IK, TU Braunschweig

Exterior Design Internship, Ford Design Center, Merkenich

MA Social Design, Design Academy Eindhoven

2012 - 2017
BA Industrial & Transportation Design, Braunschweig University of Arts

2015 - 2016
Architecture, Universidad de Chile, Santiago

“Das Patientenzimmer - Architektur und Design”, Dr. Wolfgang Sunder, Julia Möllmann, Oliver Zeise und Lukas Adrian Jurk Birkhäuser, 2020

“SFS Archive”, Domus Magazine

“How To”, KONT Magazine No. 2

“Body Farming Publication”, Eindhoven 2018

“Digital Crafting:Educating Design and Making in the Digital Age”, Prof. Dr. Sc. Manuel Kretzer

“Nutrigeno”, Materiability

“Bunker 5001/13”, Institute of Media and Design, TU Braunschweig
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