Lukas Adrian Jurk is a German freelance designer interested in the character and the relation between all the components of the world surrounding us. At the beginning of his studies he focused on large scale producible transportation design and signature design furniture projects. But recently he started to explore other possible functions of design. Now he is into speculative design and healthcare.

During his sparetime he is in search of a sunny spot to relax his office chair worn muscles. Every now and then he works as a side project on a Chilean cartoon born on a Cordillera mountain top.

Also, he normally does not refer to himself in third person.


2018 /// Stigmergy Family Studio OPEN /// Temporary Art Center, Eindhoven

2017 ///
Art Effects by Artefacts at New Experimental Reasearch in Design Conference by BIRD (Board of International Research in Design) /// Braunschweig University of Arts, Germany

2015 /// Invitation to participate in Lehrstuhlparade ///imm Cologne

2014 ///
Desireland - Bait Hive Initiative /// The Hedron Collider, Dublin

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2017-2019 /// MA Social Design /// Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands

2017-2019 /// Healthcare Product and Concept Designer /// Project KARMIN /// Institut für Industriebau und Konstruktives Entwerfen, TU Braunschweig

2012 - 2017 /// BA in Industrial and Transportation Design /// Braunschweig University of Arts

2016 - 2017 /// Research Assistant /// Autonomous Farming Vehicles /// Institut für mobile Maschinen und Nutzfahrzeuge, TU Braunschweig

2016 /// MEDS Augmented Reality-Workshop /// Bucharest

2016 /// Product Developer & Designer at Schneid Lighting and Furniture /// Lübeck

2015 - 2016 /// Exchange Semester /// Universidad de Chile, Santiago

2014 - 2015 /// Volkswagen Design Center Interior Design Internship /// Wolfsburg

2014 /// MEDS Workshop /// Dublin

2013 /// MEDS Workshop /// Lisbon

2013 - 2015 /// Student-Delegate of the Industrial Design Department /// Braunschweig University of Arts

2013 - 2014 /// Research Assistant at Institut für Konstruktion /// Future Seating Configurations for Volkswagen /// TU Braunschweig

2009 /// Exterior Design Pupil’s Internship /// Ford Design Center Merkenich