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Machina Synthetica Communicatia2019

Biodesign, Narrative Design, Ethics, 

What if we design DNA to redesign the Smartphone? Geopolitical, social and environmental issues in the supply chain as well as in the recycling process of the smartphone call for new production methods. The field of synthetic biology is parallelly advancing in its possibilities to design organisms that are ever more complex and offering organic solutions to current inorganic electronic components. Creating a new product typology, Machina Synthetica Communicatia rethinks how we produce, and how we might merge bodily with biological products. Apart from technical questions of realization, we need to discuss other aspects as well. What does it mean if a living product becomes an organic body extension and the host becomes the battery? When we visit a farm to buy a extra organism? Products and animals do not have rights. There are only consumer and animal protection laws. If the product is alive, how will the law and social structures change? Will it alter the identity of our species?
Multitudes of ethical and social questions arise from the new possibilities of biological production. Apart from these general questions an integrated living phone offers the opportunity for somatic interfaces integrating a larger integration of the body`s motoric capabilities and sensorial interaction.

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