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2017, Research Project, Healthcare, Scenario Thinking, Food Design

What will the patient food supply be in the hospital of the future? The Western hospital has a long, evolutionary history shaped by philosophical, religious and scientific insights. Its treatments, professions, architecture have drastically changed treating food supply and diets as essential or irrelevant at times. The project sets food into the context of modern high-tech medicine and discusses new possibilities of supply on the basis of current insights into a patient’s convalescence improved through dietary treatment rather then further medication.

In doing so the poles of atmosphere, food, and self-motivation were analysed and newly designed. Insights were gained through an internship in the field of care, visits to the Klinikum Braunschweig and literature research about the origin, opportunities and deficiencies of the hospital food supply. After an extended period of time of ever more diverging medical disciplines and the architecural seperation of the hospital body into subdepartments the hyper quantification and individualisation of the body and its treatment offer the oportunity of hyper specified diets.