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Portal Alameda

2015, Vertical Densification,
Architectural Concept

The location of Portal Alameda is a central transportation hub connecting the central axis of Santiago de Chile with the Maipú workers neighborhood and Greater Valparaiso's costal area. Multiple sideroads join the three main roads dominated by constant traffic jams further nurished by the in and outcoming buses of a major busstation connecting Chile with Santiago and its international airport.

The axis of the new building redirects the traffic flow, connects the bus, taxi and metrostation and links the currently idle park Pajaritos and the greenery besides Ruta 68. Portal Alameda also balances out the inequal distribution of public infrastructure and institutions currently favouring the wealthy East of Santiago. Set as a beacon of three programs in vertical orientation, it houses an upper part hotel, a middle part office space and a lower recreational area with a transportation hub base. The three volumes are pointing into the direction of the three traffic axis and intersect vertically creating atriums designed as spaces of encounter. A horizontal visual cut through the base connects the greenery on both sides directing the flow of pedestrians.