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Fashion & Platform Design, 

In one harmonious composition of fabric, the local and global collide like elements in time. UNKU originated from a research into how material logistics changed from a rather linear distributi­on system of human interaction along the historical Silk Road to the interconnected network of today's globalized logistics with a focus on China's One Belt One Road project. Nowadays, knowledge and orders are spread digitally; products are assembled in other places and then delivered to the consumer in a contained, sealed state freezing its development.
No longer does the physical interaction of traders, natural forces, local needs and culture shape the product. Instead, UNKU are garments travelling through the digital and physical network merging a globalized base standard with local crafts taking inspiration from Istanbul's horizontal economy of symbiotic, independent specialists dividing a production within their commu­nity. Ultimately, the user becomes the carrier experiencing and materializing a journey.

Part of Stigmergy Family Studio
Exhibited at Istanbul Biennale 2018 and at TAC, Eindhoven 2018