Platform & Concept Design
Design Demanding a Response of its User


Active Design, Fashion


UNKU is a fashion production principle developed to break with our convention to consume passively when confronted with the interface of a webshop or a designed retail shop. The system challenges conventional production methods by providing the participant with a starter kit containing all the necessary preconditions ranging from sewing pattern making to bonding textiles. UNKU enables the participant to produce an individual garment based on a personal journey.

The starter kit does not waste any mail packaging material nor does it require a low paid sewer.

Part of Stigmergy Family Studio

Portal Alameda

Vertical Densification, Architecture


Status Quo The skyscraper Portal Alameda is located at the intersection of the three mainroads Ruta 68,connecting Santiago de Chile and the Pacific, Via Maipú, which accesses the biggest working class neighborhood of Santiago, and Alameda, the main axis of the city. Smaller byroads are inconveniently connected to the mainroad.

The building should link the two already existing green areas of the idle park Pajaritos and abandoned, ramshackeled area besides the Rua 68 to revitalise the location.At the moment, chaos dominates the site especially during rushhour as the shunting of long distance and municipal buses at the transport pole Pajaritos (subway, taxi, buses, airportshuttle) add to the genereal individual transport. Pajaritos is a cold and unwelcoming transit site which does not invite to stay altough exactly there are distinctive people encountering eacht other. Fast food restaurants provide the traffic participants.

Distribution of Infrastructure

After taking a look at the overall structure of Santiago it became apparent that essential components of public infrastructure are distributed unequally along the East-West-Axis of Alameda favouring the wealthy East. There are a lot of hospitals, universities and green spaces located in the East leaving the Western part in an unbalanced position. Portal Alameda could partly balance out the inequality.


Portal Alameda contains three programs in the vertical direction − the upper hotel, the middle office and the lower recreational volume. Each one points at a different direction of one of the traffic axis. Intersections create vertical atriums and views onto central elements of the environment and city each functioning as meeting point for the adjoining programs. The former bus and subway waystation is integrated in a newly build horizontal two storey volumewhich affects the traffic connection of the skyscraper in a very positive way.



Lightreflection, Installation

2018 — 02

Instalight is a cube of porcelain tubes that reads out your Instagram profile and creates a colour diagram pixelated and manifestated in the shape of the tubes’ ends. It reflects your colour mood. The California influencer might contain a big share of the California blue sky. Whereas the Scandinavian might represent a lot of fir green.

Sponsored by BS-Energy and Fürstenberg Porzellanmanufaktur

OHO Wardrobe 

Transformation, Furniture

2013 - 02

OHO is a wardrobe breaking with conventions. It consists of three barrel shaped compartments in the middle to be crammed with underwear, socks and whatever else comes to your mind. The two components on the sides can be used to hang apparel and store shoes on a board at the lower part.

OHO is characterized by the lightness of the thin joints and seemingly floating elements covered with easily detachable and washable textile. The Design keeps your room tidy as now there is a intended place to cram your stuff apart of your workaround armchair.

S127 Chair

Transformation, Furniture


3 Requirements

- Use only one plank of wood ...
- Use only organic materials ...
- Use no glue ...

... to build a chair

The chair is rollable consisting of 127 birch sticks threaded onto two belts. Inspiration was drawn from ancient Chinese bamboo books and Egyptian papyrus rolls. The sticks cut to different lengths can be fixed with a pin to materialize seating, back rest and the chair‘s legs.

P1 Shelf

Transformation, Furniture

2014 -02

P1 is a modular shelf system, combining different pieces of furniture. The design eases the exchange of various parts. One solely has to insert a holder on both sides and let the desired element snap into place. The bottom tub and a cross bar at the top function as frame to the additional modules. P1‘s multitude of configurations can be applied to distinctive needs of rooms like the kitchen and the living room. The slim design fits small flats perfectly.


Cormoran, Sphero & ODA

Transformation, Furniture


Cormoran is a folding table designed for small apartments or situations calling for a fast availability of a table top. It can be folded flat to the wall. A shelf covers up the mounting and mechanics serving as storage surface.To transform the table lift up the table top, stick the rod into the wall mounting and latch it into place.

ODA Mirror is made of geometric shapes and materials. Main features are the hovering and graphical appearance and the small storage board ideally for a modern home interior. The design´s minimialism appears reserved yet elegant.