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Beyond Identity

2017, Interactive Installation

Which new habits of selfcare and styling will we develope facing an environment populated with facial recognition and and social scoring devices? We have always judged each other superficially based on visual impressions. As blablabla states „styling of the body has become a regular procedure to built up a certain image in the face of meeting others judegment“ Both as a defensive but also as a proactive and self assuring measure we pick certain clothes, hairstyles, make up, scents and gestures when going on a date, meet an accountant for a mortage negotiation or a human resource representative for a application interview. Now these situations of judgement have been supplemented with algorithmic decision making based on correlative research often drawing their final judgement on visual databases of people's faces. Your sexual orientation, your credit worthiness, your political view, your IQ and many more aspects can be determined by your facial apperaance. Algorithmic bias and ethical problems led multiple activists to develope defensive systems to disguise someones face unrecognisable. However, all measuerments have been overcome by advancing technology. Facing a world accepting of facial recognition we need to ask the question of how we will proactively shape our styling habits developed for situations of encountering other humans to situations of encountering algorithms. Beyond Identity explores this situation proposing a advisory smart mirror serving as consultant and reviser to adapt your face in the morning. Knowing your day's agenda it suggests you styling cues favouring desired attributes as well as being able to print seemlessly sculpted masks. Beyond Identity designs your body.

Testrun the smart-mirror on yourself here.

“Good Morning.
Checking today’s agenda.
Today you will meet Jan, Henriette, Jesse, Jon and you will encounter two face recognition algorithms.
Calculating instructions.
Here is my suggestion: Apply the cheek pieces. Your hair style and eye color fits already, however, you should make
Now take today’s nose.
You are ready to go.”



2017, Fashion Design

Greenery irrigated by sweat pairs up with somatic movements translated into moiré effects . Bushman is a suit that filters your breathing air, providing you with a well scented environment in a dull office space. It conjures a smile on your colleagues’ faces and leaves a fresh breeze behind.

In Collaboration with Yiqian Bao

Body Farming Publication

2018, Publishing, Layout Design, Editing

The Body Farming Publication is a catalog bundling all Body Farming projects of the first year Social Design Master students at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

In Collaboration with Ed Lewis


2017, Research Project, Scenario Narration, Food Design

What will the patient food supply be in the hospital of the future? The Western hospital has a long, evolutionary history shaped by philosophical, religious and scientific insights. Its treatments, professions, architecture have drastically changed treating food supply and diets as essential or irrelevant at times. The project sets food into the context of modern high-tech medicine and discusses new possibilities of supply on the basis of current insights into a patient’s convalescence improved through dietary treatment rather then further medication.
In doing so the poles of atmosphere, food, and self-motivation were analysed and newly designed. Insights were gained through an internship in the field of care, visits to the Klinikum Braunschweig and literature research about the origin, opportunities and deficiencies of the hospital food supply. After an extended period of time of ever more diverging medical disciplines and the architecural seperation of the hospital body into subdepartments the hyper quantification and individualisation of the body and its treatment offer the oportunity of hyper specified diets.


2018, Fashion & Platform Design

In one harmonious composition of fabric the local and global collide like elements in time. UNKU originated from a research into how material logistics changed from a rather linear distributi­on system of human interaction along the historical silkroad to the interconnected network of today's globalised logistics with a focus on China's One Belt One Road project. Nowadays, knowledge and orders are spread digitally, products are assembled in other places and then delivered to the consumer in a contained, sealed state freezing its development. No longer does the physical interaction of traders, natural forces, local needs and culture shape the product. Instead, UNKU are garments travelling through the digital and physical network merging a globalised base standard with local craftspersons taking inspiration from Istanbul's horizontal economy of symbiotic, independent specialists dividing a production within their commu­nity. Ultimatelly, the user becomes the carrier experiencing and materialising a journey.

Part of Stigmergy Family Studio
Istanbul Biennale 2018 and TAC, Eindhoven 2018