Beyond Identity

Future Reality Concept  


Beyond Identity explores the future of styling and make-up in the context of a world populated with face recognition algorithms and social scoring.

In a near future when we are constantly going to be judged based on correlative research into social scoring some changes to your face will become inevitable. An advisory smart mirror serves as consultant and reviser to correct it in the morning.

Even though a premature habit, we live in a world where everyone is constantly judged by one’s outer appearance. Naturally, we put on make-up and other styling products and we dress ourselves in a particular, deliberate fashion to influence other people’s perception.
Nowadays, face recognition systems make use of deciphering individual traits by analyzing people’s faces assigning attributes like health, creditworthiness, sexual orientation and the like. The Beyond Identity system is integrated into your  bathroom’s mirror checking your days agenda when you wake up, then giving you suggestions of what you should look like today. It also provides you with the necessary tools to achieve the suggested transformation - either by applying sculpted add-ons to your face or by temporarily tattooing black and white patterns that change the perception of your face when being analyzed towards desired attributes.
Beyond Identity designs your body.

Testrun the smart-mirror on yourself here.

“Good Morning.
Checking today’s agenda.
Today you will meet Jan, Henriette, Jesse, Jon and you will encounter two face recognition algorithms.
Calculating instructions.
Here is my suggestion: Apply the cheek pieces. Your hair style and eye color fits already, however, you should make
Now take today’s nose.
You are ready to go.”