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2019, Research Thesis, Obsolescence

We extract, and transform,
take in and control,
plan and end
and yet we only do so
for our own time span.

Million of years
do I the air
and I the rain
rub the passing stone,

and for a thousand years
I the oak
have a fierce grip
of my surrounding soil,

and I the human
dispose of my product
leaving traces behind
after the 80 years of my life.

Our current production and consumption methods pose a stark temporal contradiction. Part 1 of the research is exploring the various forms of obsolescence and how the material properties of consumer goods do not reflect on their temporality. This is further explored on the example of the smartphone ending with an outlook how consumption and material properties could be realigned.
Part 2 then explores how recent devleopments of synthetic biology could create future production methods incorporating real product life cycles rather then metaphorical ones.